Albertype Pioneer Postcards
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The Greetings from Quebec series by Albertype was one of the earliest to appear in Canada. This particular card was used in October 1898 as a salesman’s card to advise a potential customer of his imminent arrival inPort Hawkesbury, Cape Breton, NS.

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St. Louis Gate is part of the walled enclosure surrounding Quebec City, and was a popular view for many postcard publishers. This “Greetings from Quebec” series differs from the previous card and has a Private Mailing Card back.

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Another example of a Greetings from Quebec series postcard, used in November 1898, showing a collection of horse-drawn caleches on the streets of Quebec City.

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This Greetings from Quebec card shows Montmorency Falls near Quebec City. Dated 1899, the card was mailed to Rotterdam, Holland.

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Another variety in the Greetings from Quebec series, this card shows vignettes of Quebec City, and was mailed to Belgium in 1901.

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The Albertype Co. featured other Canadian cities in their early work. This card showing Hamilton Market was mailed in November 1900 to Paris, France. Albertype released a series of cards showing Hamilton scenes using a larger than standard postcard format around the same time.

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This postcard was sent from Halifax to Mexico City on January 18, 1903, via New York, where it was received on February 6th.

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This Albertype postcard showing the Old Clock Tower and Citadel in Halifax is postmarked November 2, 1903 to Nelson, New Zealand, where it was received December 17 with a receiving cancel.
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